Closed ASB case survey data information

What is this survey for?

This survey is to hear your views about your anti-social behaviour (ASB) report and contact with our team.

What do we want to ask you about?

We would like to ask you:

  • how you feel your case is managed
  • how the first contact was
  • what you think about the plan of action.

Will your answers affect the service you are given?

No, your survey answers will not affect the service you get.

We will use them to monitor and improve how we work.

Will your answers be shared with anyone else?

We have a legal duty to keep your information secure and confidential.

Only authorised staff will have access to your information.

We will not share your data with anyone else without your consent, unless we legally have to.

Will you be contacted about your report again?

If you weren't satisfied with the service, we may get in touch to discuss what you think went wrong.