Forced marriage and school holidays

As the school holidays approach and travel restrictions are lifted, there is a risk of children being taken abroad, and being forced to marry. Forced marriage is illegal.

We need to stay alert to Signs of children and young people being in potential danger of Forced Marriage. It is important to act quickly, without alerting family members or friends who may be part of the plans.

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#Don'tCrossTheLine is a new campaign aimed at targeting sexual harassment and misogynistic behaviours on nights out. 

Launched by Tower Hamlets Council, Hackney Council and City of London as well as local bars, pubs and nightclubs in the boroughs, the campaign aims to send a clear message to perpetrators that sexual offences will not be tolerated.

#Don'tCrossTheLine uses stark, perpetrator targeted messaging that lists the types of behaviours - like touching, groping, staring, or grabbing - that are not tolerated in nighttime venues. 

The campaign was informed by insight work with over 200 young men in Hackney who said that they thought there wasn’t enough awareness about the types of behaviours that were illegal.

You can find out more on the campaign website.