Peer Review - Feedback report

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Local Government Association (LGA) peer reviews are assessments conducted by local government professionals to evaluate the performance of other council's. These reviews aim to provide constructive feedback and support improvements that will benefit our staff, residents and businesses.

Our peer review took place in September 2023 with 18 core recommendations covering

  1. Strategic vision
  2. Medium-Term Financial Strategy (MTFS)
  3. Performance management
  4. Workforce strategy
  5. Mayor’s Office
  6. Internal governance
  7. Working with partners 
  8. Grant allocation
  9. Transfer of property to third parties
  10. Cabinet Member responsibilities
  11. Membership of committees
  12. Member development
  13. Diversity
  14. Annual Governance Statement
  15. Outstanding accounts
  16. Organisational capacity
  17. Responsiveness
  18. ‘People First'

You can read the full LGA Corporate Peer Challenge report, the LGA CPC Draft Action Plan 
and supporting statement.