Waste service strike

A number of Tower Hamlets Council frontline waste service workers and street cleansers will be going on strike from 18 September to 1 October due to a national pay dispute.  

Despite the council working to maintain services for residents, the strike will impact collections and cleansing across the borough. We apologise in advance for the disruption this will cause. 

Find out more about the strike.

Parent and Carer Council

Working together - giving families a voice

The Parent and Carer Council (the PCC) is Tower Hamlets’ main family forum. The PCC provides a platform where parents can collectively help shape the services that are available to families in the borough.

Watch our film, which highlights the importance of parent voice and the ways that parents are using parent forums to make a real difference to their children’s lives.


Parents and carers are welcome to come along to the Parent and Carer Council, listen to other parents and key speakers and give their views about services that are available to parents across the borough.  It is also the best way to:

  • get involved with local consultations,
  • help us identify gaps in support for families (in education, health or parenting), and
  • discuss national issues that may also affect parents locally.

Why should I get involved?

Local families know what support services work in the borough – and what needs improvement. The PCC gives parents and carers the opportunity to share information about education, health and community safety in the borough, so that Tower Hamlets can offer the best possible services to families now and in the future.

The PCC is part of a wider network of opportunities for parents to come together and engage with service managers and decision makers as detailed in the Tower Hamlets Parental Engagement Governance Structure.

Many parents and carers have already seen the benefits of being part of a parent forum, network or support group or taking up a volunteering role through their child’s school or community setting.

We provide free training to support your involvement with the PCC, and you can be involved as little or as much as you want to.

Who can join?

Parents or carers with a child from birth to 25, who live in the borough or have a child attending a school in Tower Hamlets, are welcome to join.

This may include:

  • fathers and mothers who live in Tower Hamlets and their partners
  • fathers and mothers-to-be and their partners
  • grandparents
  • foster carers and adults with responsibility for caring for a child

Representatives from other Tower Hamlets parent groups and forums are also very welcome.

When and where does the PCC meet? 

The PCC meet 3 times a year either online or in accessible, child friendly venues across the borough. When meeting in person, free childcare and activities for children up to the age of 13 years and light refreshments are also provided.

Sign up for the Parent and Carer Council

Upcoming meetings

Upcoming meeting dates:

Please contact us to get involved

Let’s Talk...Overview of previous PCC meetings

PCC meetings often have information shares and consultation opportunities for parents to participate in. It is an opportunity to meet service managers and decision makers who design and develop support services for local families.

Feedback on the actions taken from previous PCC meeting discussions are regularly presented. Space is also given for parents to share news and information with other families.

Previous meetings

PCC Meeting Agenda/Let’s Talk Topics
 Date/time/Location PCC Meeting Agenda/Let’s Talk Topics

 Saturday 16 October 2021


Location: Online

Meet the Safer School Police Officers

Safer School Officers

Let’s Talk…Child Healthy Weight Consultation

Tower Hamlets GP Care Group    

Update on Covid-19 messages:  Information on the Covid-19 vaccination programme for 12–15-year-olds 

NHS North East London Clinical Commissioning Group and LBTH Public Health

Feedback from a previous meeting

Have Your Say on The Local Infrastructure Fund 2021

Find out how PCC views have helped use the fund in previous years 

LBTH Growth and Infrastructure Planning Team

Also discussed, the Council Budget Consultation, Keeping Children Safe Online workshop opportunities, Parent Conference 2022.


 Saturday 12 June 2021


Location: Online

 Domestic Abuse Awareness Workshops

Item led by a PCC Member

Update on Covid-19 messages:  Keep Tower Hamlets safe - advice for families 

LBTH Public Health

Let’s Talk…Poverty Review

Strategy, Policy and Performance Team with a PCC Member and Parent Champion

The impact of ‘no recourse to public funds’

Item led by a PCC Member and Parent Champion who works at local refugee charity Praxis with a colleague from Praxis

Feedback from a previous meeting

Relationship and Sex Education in schools update 

The Healthy Lives Team

Other topics discussed included developments around Play in the borough and the upcoming Dads’ Play Day event for Father’s Day weekend.

 Saturday 10 October 2020

10.30am – 12.30pm

Additional item on Changes to SEND Provision


Location: Online

 Introduction to the new Corporate Director of Children and Culture, James Thomas

Update from the Cabinet Member

Cllr Danny Hassell, Cabinet Member for Children and Schools

Let’s Talk…Anti-racism and Black Lives Matter (work in schools)

Global Learning London, part of the Tower Hamlets Schools Library Service

Let’s Talk…Covid-19 Messages for Families

LBTH Public Health

Feedback from a previous meeting…

Relationship and Sex Education in schools update 

The Healthy Lives Team

Changes to SEND Provision was also discussed with the Divisional Director of Education and Partnerships and the Head of the Special Educational Needs (SEN) Team at the end of the main PCC meeting.

 Saturday 7 March 2020

10am - 1.30pm

Location: Spotlight Youth Centre, Poplar

 Update since last meeting and current events/ consultation opportunities:

  • Partnership Working with Toynbee Hall
  • Rich Mix – Women’s Philosophy and Photography Course
  • Summer Holiday Clubs – Tackling Poverty Team Focus Group
  • Annual Parent and Carer Survey Update
  • Potential new Parent Champions project to help tackle loneliness
  • Any other news

Update from the Cabinet Member

Including information on:

  • A Review of Youth Services 
  • SEND Transport (Travel Assistance Consultation)
  • Primary School Review

Cllr Danny Hassell, Cabinet Member for Children, Schools and Young People

Let’s Talk…Relationships and Sex Education (RSE)

The Healthy Lives Team

Feedback from a previous meeting…an update on chosen priorities of the £6m Local Infrastructure Fund to improve your local neighbourhood item with the LBTH Growth and Infrastructure Planning Team to be forwarded to a future meeting.

 Saturday 30 November 2019

10am - 1.30pm

Location: Spotlight Youth Centre, Poplar

Update since last meeting and current consultation opportunities: 

  • Annual Parent and Carer Survey
  • Youth Service Consultation - Feedback from PCC Parents  
  • Children and Families Partnership Board – PCC Reps
  • RSE Board – PCC Reps
  • SEND Ambassadors

Other Consultations and Events

  • Mayor’s Budget Consultation: Have Your Say
  • Rich Mix – Every Chance for Every Child Roundtable
  • Future Ambitions for our Primary Schools Event
  • Any other news

Tackling Poverty Team – Support Holiday Hunger Clubs

LBTH Tackling Poverty Team

Empowering health professionals to talk about air pollution

Global Action Plan

Let’s Talk…Community Cohesion Consultation:

Our Tower Hamlets – a plan for a more cohesive community 2020- 2025

LBTH Cohesion Team
Help set the priorities of how the £6m Local Infrastructure Fund is spent to  improve your local neighbourhood

LBTH Growth and Infrastructure Planning Team

 Saturday 6 July 2019

10am – 1.30pm

Location: V&A Museum of Childhood, Bethnal Green

 V&A Museum of Childhood information

Senior Producer (Formal Learning) for the Museum

Update since last meeting and feedback from PCC Parents: 

  • Feedback from PCC Parents  
  • Afternoon Tea with the Mayor for Parent Volunteers
  • Mental Health Parent Champions visit Buckingham Palace
  • UN Special Investigation into Poverty and Austerity in the UK

Update on Children, Schools and Young People Portfolio

Cllr Danny Hassell, Cabinet Member for Children, Schools and Young People

Introduction to the Community Safety Partnership

Community Safety Commissioning Manager 

Community Languages Service Review

Judith St John, Divisional Director Sports, Leisure and Culture

Public consultation on making changes to Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) funding

Annual PCC Trip Ideas

 Saturday 23 March 2019

10am – 1.30pm

Location: Spotlight Youth Centre, Poplar

 Update since last meeting and feedback from PCC Parents on recent community activities: 

  • General Pharmaceutical Council Consultation
  • Coram Family and Childcare Parent Champions Conference
  • UN Special Investigation into Poverty and Austerity in the UK
  • Museum of London Family Panel Experiences 
  • New opportunities

Tower Hamlets Parent Conference 2019

SEND Ambassadors Programme and Local Offer

Tower Hamlets Independent SEND Parent Forum information

Item led by national charity CONTACT and a PCC Member who is also part of the TH Independent SEND Parent Forum 

Update on Children, Schools and Young People Portfolio

Cllr Danny Hassell, Cabinet Member for Children, Schools and Young People

Keeping Children Safe and Secure Discussion – Continued  Safe After School Campaign


For previous meeting agenda items, email: parentcouncil@towerhamlets.gov.uk

How to get involved?

For further information on how to join the PCC and for future meeting dates, please email: parentcouncil@towerhamlets.gov.uk or

You can also call the Family Information Service.
Tel: 020 7364 6495

Other ways for you to get involved

Platform to Talk 

Discussion based virtual sessions where you can connect with other parents, share your concerns and get reliable information. Join the conversation on a range of topical issues from family life, parenting, learning and more.   These online sessions are held monthly during term time.

The Somali Parents and Carers Network

A chance for you to meet with other Somali parents and carers and share your experiences relating to education and parenting as well as hear some inspirational guest speakers.  This group meets monthly during term time either online or in a community venue.

Dads Network 

As a dad or a male carer, the network will help you strengthen your relationship with your child through positive parenting and play. Join the Network, meet other dads and share your experiences at play events held throughout the year.  An annual play day event is held for dads at a local family venue.  Previous venues have included the Idea Stores, Weavers Adventure Playground, Poplar Leisure Centre and the Rich Mix.

Annual Parent Conference

Our yearly event gives Tower Hamlets parents and carers an opportunity to come together to access information, learn something new and celebrate the contributions parents and carers have made over the past year.  

Planned with members of the Parent and Carer Council, the conference features keynote speakers who have a local and/or national profile.  There are also interactive workshops led by the Parent and Family Support Service and key partner organisations on topics that are of interest to parents and relate to family life.