Parental Engagement Team (PET)


ParentsCarersKidsSmallTower Hamlets has a long history of parental engagement in children’s learning and development. Our approach is based on strong evidence that when parents and carers have a good relationship with their child’s school/setting and are involved in their learning, life chances and outcomes for children and young people are improved.

We work with schools/settings to provide a range of programmes and personalised support to tackle the underlying barriers to successful education to improve children's life chances and outcomes We offer flexible, bespoke packages delivered by experienced Family Support and Engagement Practitioners. We offer a wide range of services which include:

  • curriculum workshops to promote home-learning
  • digital safety sessions
  • parenting programmes
  • emotional health & wellbeing
  • volunteering opportunities and employment support.

Our programmes support families overcome barriers to education, improving engagement in learning and children's attendance.

Family Support Practitioner (FSP)


Practitioners work with vulnerable families to identify and solve complex issues that impact on children's attainment. Family Support Practitioners can be based in schools on a daily, weekly or termly basis offering:


  • 1-1 support for vulnerable families
  • Whole school and targeted work around attendance
  • Home visiting and targeted interventions
  • Engaging parents in their child's learning
  • Delivery of evidence based parenting programmes
  • Multi-agency work supporting:
    • Early Help Assessment (EHA)
    • Social Inclusion Panel (SIP) referrals
      • Team Around the Child/family meeting (TAC/F)

We deliver a holistic early help programme of targeted and universal activities which compliment family casework to meet the needs of all families, particularly those who may be vulnerable or whose children may be at risk of poor outcomes.


Through parents consultations and parent view our Practitioners can support schools demonstrate how they:

  • Work effectively to communicate the vision, ethos and strategic direction of the school and develop a culture of ambition
  • Engage with parents, carers and other stakeholders and agencies to support all pupils
  • Are transparent and accountable, including in recruitment of staff, governance structures, attendance at meetings and contact with parents 

Training and support for school staff

  • 1-1 support for staff working with families
  • Information to support work with families
  • CPD opportunities (workshops and seminars)
  • Opportunities to network with other professionals working with families 

Benefits of PET support

EveryChanceLogoThe impact of our involvement and support for families is seen in improvements in:

  • Attendance, time keeping and routines
  • Behaviour in school and at home
  • Engagement and participation in learning
  • Emotional health and wellbeing
  • Parenting capacity and confidence
  • Parents’ understanding and responsiveness to developmental needs and healthy relationships. 

Testimonial and user feedback

“I can’t say enough good things about how lucky we feel."

"The Family Support Practitioner from the PFSS team has been an invaluable member of the Halley Primary School inclusion team. Ensuring both pupils, staff and parents have the most current and relevant support; providing a safety net for all when in times of need or crisis. Her breadth of knowledge, skills and experience has ensured greater access to services and support, she is a positive, supportive member of the School team and a great asset; which we feel very fortunate to have and be able to offer.“

Shoshannah Thompson - Headteacher, Halley Primary School


Parental Engagement Team Annual Satisfaction Snap Shot 2019/20

The service/course has provided me with information and/or support which helps me in my role as a parent /carer

97% agreed and strongly agreed

Accessing the service/course has helped me to understand my child’s development and improve our relationship

97% agreed and strongly agreed

I would recommend this service/course to another parent/carer

98% agreed and strongly agreed


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