Supervised medication in schools

Although there is no legal requirement for school staff to administer medicines to pupils, there is an expectation that schools should do as much as possible to be inclusive and to remove any obstacles to children being educated.

Guidelines have been developed to clarify the existing legal requirements on providing education to children that require medication. These guidelines set out a legal framework and local and national expectations for schools to have policies and procedures on medicines.

The Tower Hamlets health through education drug prevention team works to provide support to schools to help to alleviate many of the problems associated with supervising and administering medicines at school. The council’s team also provides support to help schools to incorporate policies and procedures on medication into a comprehensive school drug policy.

School drugs prevention

The Tower Hamlets health through education drug prevention team works directly with schools to assist them in meeting the needs of children, young people and their families and addressing any drug related problems in the community. The team provides support to schools to ensure that they are able to meet the government’s standards on preventative drug education and other related good practice procedures.

The team also assists with training, providing resources, quality assurance and monitoring of external agencies that work with schools on drug related matters.

Further information

For more information, please contact your local school directly. Please refer to the list of primary, secondary and nursery schools in the borough.