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Tower Hamlets school admissions forum

What this forum does

The Tower Hamlets school admissions forum includes representatives of schools, parents, governors, Diocesan boards and the council of Mosques.

The forum monitors and reviews the effectiveness of admission arrangements and how those arrangements can be improved.

It advises the council on how to deal with difficult admission arrangements and improve access to school places for all children.

The forum deals with school admissions policy, but does not discuss individual admission cases.


For full details of how the forum operates, and the areas it covers, download the Admissions forum constitution

Agendas, minutes and reports

Agendas, minutes, reports


Agenda 27 February 2020

Minutes 27 February 2020

Agenda 18 June 2020

Minutes 18 June 2020

Agenda 6 October 2020

Minutes 6 October 2020

Agenda 9 December 2020

Minutes 9 December 2020

Agenda 24 February 2021

Minutes 24 February 2021

Agenda 15 June 2021 Minutes 15 June 2021

When and where it meets

The forum usually meets once a term at schools and community centres around the borough.

Forum members

School community

  • Dee Bleach (Mayflower) – primary

  • Patrice Canavan (Oaklands) – secondary

  • Lynne Cottle – nursery

Schools – voluntary aided

  • Elizabeth Figueiredo (St Peter's London Docks) – primary

  • Richard Fitzgerald  (Bishop Challoner) - secondary

Schools – academy/free

  • Sarah Counter (Canary Wharf College) – secondary

  • Sue Ward (The Clara Grant) – primary

Diocesan/Council of Mosque representatives

  • Penny Harvey – Church of England Diocese

  • vacancy – Catholic Diocese

  • Aslam Uddin – Council of Mosques

Parent representatives

  • vacancy

  • Fathimah Rofe

  • Shahana Begum

Community representatives

  • Jenny Miller – Parents Advice Centre

  • Alex Nelson - Voluntary Sector Children and Youth Forum

  • Shahanur Khan – Collective of Bangladeshi Governors

  • John Bradshaw – Tower Hamlets pupil referral unit

  • Dennis Jenner – Local authority appeal panel member

Advisory officers from Tower Hamlets council

  • Head of Pupil Services – Terry Bryan

Groups and their representatives have equal rights within the forum

For enquiries please contact:

Kelly Mack
Clerk to the Admissions Forum

Tel: 020 7364 5860