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All children and young people in Tower Hamlets should now be back at school or college.

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Primary school admissions

Reception school admissions: starting reception in 2021/22

Pupils usually start primary school in the September following their fourth birthday. If your child was born between 1 September 2016 and 31 August 2017 this will be from September 2021. You must Make an online application for a reception place, even if your child is already attending the school's nursery.

You must apply via the e-admissions portalClosing date for making applications is 15 January 2021.

National offer day

All parents that applied for a Reception school place before 15 January 2021 will be sent a letter with the outcome of their application on 16 April 2021. Parents will also be able to view the outcome of their application on the evening of 16 April by visiting the eadmissions portal.

Parents will receive an email to inform them when the information is available to view on the website.

Contact numbers

Keisha Rose - 020 7364 3837
Kia Wahr - 020 7364 4412
Sakib Rahman - 020 7364 4419

Before you apply

The Starting Primary School in Tower Hamlets brochure contains all the  information you need on applying for your child's reception place.

Watch a short information film on making your application for a reception place


You can also get a copy from nurseries and primary schools in Tower Hamlets or by contacting the Pupil Services team. For more information on catchment areas and the tie-break criterion please see our 'Equal Chance' page.

How to apply

You must apply online, please visit the eadmissions portal. You can apply online from 1 September 2020. Applying online for your child's reception place is a simple process and you can easily make changes to your application up until the closing date. 

Deferring school entry

All children are expected to start school in the reception year in September, if they will be five in that school year. Deferring school entry means that a child begins school later than September, but still joins their own age-peer group. Complete deferring school entry form or call Pupil Services on 020 7364 5006 and a form can be sent to you.


If your child is not offered a place at a school of your preference you can appeal against that decision. The appeal panel is independent of the council and schools in the borough.

Infant class size legislation applies to appeals for children starting reception. This means that a class must not contain more than 30 pupils with a single school teacher. Parents should note that there are only very limited circumstances where reception appeals are successful.

If you wish to appeal you must complete and submit your appeal online. This is a simple and safe way to appeal and you will get a receipt to confirm it has been submitted. Please include any evidence or supporting material with your online appeal and you must give the reasons for your appeal at the time the appeal is submitted. You may appeal for more than one school.

For your appeal to be heard in June 2021 you will need to submit your appeal form by 14 May 2021. Appeals received after this date will result in a delay to your appeal being heard. Please read the appeal timetable 2021 for more information.


  • Last day for lodging appeals for Reception: 4pm, 14 May 2021(appeals heard after this date may not be heard by then end of the summer term).

  • Appeals take place: June/July 2021.

  • Letter sent to you giving details about the hearing by the clerk to the Independant Appeals Panel: at least 10 school days before the hearing.

  • Supporting or additional evidence: at least 5 school days before the hearing - evidence provided on the day of the hearing may not be taken into account.

  • Letter informing you of the decision from the clerk: where possible 5 school days after the hearing.

Need a school place today?

If your child is of nursery, primary or secondary school age now and does not have a school place, please contact Pupil Services or visit our in-year admissions page.

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