Secondary school admissions

Starting Secondary school in September 2024

If you live in Tower Hamlets and your child is in Year 6 (born between 1 September 2012 and 31 August 2013) you will need to make an online application via eadmissions portal for them to transfer to secondary school in September 2024.

The closing date for making applications is 31 October 2023 


National Offer Day - 1 March 2024

Parents will be able to log into their account on eadmissions to view the outcome of their application on 1 March 2024. The Admissions Service will also write to parents on 1 March.

Waiting lists

If your child is not offered a place at your first preference school or you are offered one of your lower preference schools, your child will be added to the waiting list.
You will need to reapply in December 2024 to remain on the waiting list after this time. 

Schools with places remaining after 1 March

  • If you have not received an offer at a preferred school you may wish to make further applications to the schools listed below who have some vacancies currently. You may also place your child’s name on the waiting list for any Tower Hamlets school.
  • Please contact the Admissions Service at by 15 March 2024 
  •  We will aim to notify you of the outcome of your applications to schools that have vacancies at the end of March
  • You can also place your child’s name on the waiting list for any Tower Hamlets school that is currently full - we will notify you if a place becomes available
Available schools

Bishop Challoner Catholic Collegiate School Boys School & Girls School

352 Commercial Road, E1 0LB
Tel: 020 7791 9500

Map Ref: A 

 Open mornings on Tuesday 12 March and Tuesday 19 March

Register for Bishop Challoner


Bow School (mixed)

44 Twelve Trees Crescent E3 3QW
Tel: 020 7536 5525

Map Ref: B

School tours on the following days:

  • Monday 11 March – 9am and 4pm
  • Tuesday 12 March – 9am or 11.20am
  • Wednesday 13 March - 11.20am and 4pm
  • Thursday 14 March – 9am or 11.20am
  • Friday 15 March – 9am or 11.20am

Book a school tour at Bow School

London Enterprise Academy (mixed)

Aneurin Bevin House
81-91 Commercial Road E1 1RD
Tel: 020 7426 0746

Map Ref: G

Visit the London Enterprise Academy website for more information.

Mulberry Academy London Dock (mixed)

10 Virginia Street E1W 2AD

Tel: 020 7790 6327

Map Ref: I

Open evening will take place on:

Tuesday 5 March 4.30 to 6pm at:

Mulberry and Bigland Green Centre
15 Richard Street (off Bigland Street)
E1 2JP

More information visit the Mulberry London Dock school website

Mulberry Academy Shoreditch (mixed)

Gosset Street E2 6NW
Tel: 020 7920 7900

Map Ref: J

Open mornings between 9am and 10.30am

Monday 4 March/Tuesday 5 March /Wednesday 6 March/

Monday 11 March/Tuesday 12 March/Wednesday 13 March

This will include a talk with the Headteacher and a short tour of the school with students. Visit the Mulberry Academy school website.

Oaklands School (mixed)

Old Bethnal Green Road E2 6PR
Tel: 020

7613 1014

Map Ref: M

Open mornings from 9.20 to 10.30am on:

Monday 11 March/Tuesday 12 March/Thursday 14 March

Wapping High School (mixed)

153 – 157 Commercial Road E1 2DA
Tel: 020 3597 3670

Map Ref: Q

Discovery Morning on: Tuesday 12 March, 9 to 11am

More details here: Discovery Morning or the school website

Map of secondary schools registered independent secondary schools in Tower Hamlets

Map of secondary schools registered independent SS in LBTH

Before you apply

The Ready for Secondary School in Tower Hamlets booklet contains all the information you need on applying, including a step by step guide to making your online applications, plus details of all Tower Hamlets secondary schools, including the new Mulberry academy London Dock. 

We have also produced a film which explains the secondary transfer process and gives useful tips and advice from parents and children who have experience of the process.
You may also find this short information clip highlighting the main dates and important information useful.

Bishop Challoner Catholic School

Bishop Challoner Catholic School  amalgamated in September 2023 to a co-educational (mixed, boys and girls) school.  Please see the secondary booklet for further information.

Mulberry Academy London Dock

Mulberry Academy London Dock opens in September 2024 with Year 7 students.  Please see the secondary booklet and school's website for further, up to date information. 

Mulberry Stepney Green Maths, Computing and Science College

(Formerly Stepney Green Maths, Computing and Science College)

Mulberry Stepney Green Maths, Computing and Science College changed from a boys’ school to a co-educational (boys and girls) school from September 2019, please see the secondary booklet for further information.


Banding is used at secondary transfer to help to ensure that secondary schools maintain a balanced admission intake. This should reflect the full range of abilities of all children in the local authority.

Pupil assessment from each Primary school in the summer term of year 5 is used to place every pupil in one of four quartiles. For administrative purposes, the quartiles are Band A, B, C or D.

In the case of oversubscription, secondary schools will take equal amount of pupils from each quartile. This will ensure children from all abilities have equality of access.

For pupils who apply from primary schools outside of Tower Hamlets, teacher assessment will also be used to determine which in quartile they will be placed.

All the borough’s community schools use banding.

Download the Out of the borough supplementary form and refer to the Pupil Ability Banding FAQ leaflet for more details.

Tower Hamlets Transition Support Service provides impartial advice, information and assistance to support children, young people and their families during key points of transition. They can provide help with a range of school issues including school admissions, appeals and home/school communication.

Admissions policies for the following schools are available from the schools' websites:

Contact the Admissions Service

By email

You can contact the admissions service by email at 

We can only make changes to an existing application if you email your request - this includes change of address and preference/s.

By telephone: 020 7364 5006

Need a school place today?

If your child is of secondary school age now and does not have a school place, please contact the council's Pupil Services team or visit our in-year admissions page.

Further information