Schools and cornavirus

Schools, childcare and other educational provisions are closed to everyone following the outbreak of coronavirus, except for:

Children of key (critical) workers

- Vulnerable children - this includes children with a social worker, an EHCP and those with safeguarding concerns


These schools will remain open for these children. They will be prioritised for early years and education provision. We are working with schools to provide support at this time, including for families who rely on free school meals for their children.

School admissions criteria 2020/21

Consultation on school admission arrangements for the school year beginning 2021/2022

Tower Hamlets council is consulting on its school admission arrangements for the school year beginning 2021/22. View details of the consultation proposals and complete the survey

Closing date: 3 January 2020

The Determined School Admissions Critera 2020/2021

Following the earlier public consultation and the council cabinet meeting on 27 February 2019, the Local Authority has now determined its arrangements for school admissions for the 2020/21 school year as follows:

  1. The admission arrangements and oversubscription criteria for community nursery schools 2020/2021
  2. The admission arrangements and oversubscription criteria for community primary school 2020/2021
  3. The admission arrangements and oversubscription criteria for community secondary schools 2020/2021
  4. The schemes for the co-ordination of admissions for entry to Reception and Year 7 2020/2021
  5. The scheme for the co-ordination of in-year admissions 2020/2021
  6. Planned admission numbers for schools in Tower Hamlets 2020/2021

The significant changes are:

  • The introduction of a new oversubscription criterion for community nursery schools and classes, giving priority to children of staff who have worked at the school for at least two years or have been recruited to fill a demonstrable skills shortage. Priority will be limited to one place for each nursery class.
  • A reduction in the Published Admission Number at Elizabeth Selby Infants and Lawdale Juniors schools, from 75 to 60 places.
  • A reduction in the Published Admission Number at Bow Secondary School from 270 to 240 places.


Own admission authority schools – admissions policies 2020/21

The admission arrangements for voluntary aided schools, academies and free schools are required to be displayed on the individual school websites. The following schools in Tower Hamlets determine their own admission policies and can be viewed by clicking on the links below:

Primary schools

Secondary schools

Each school has a published admissions number, the maximum number of places that can be offered. Details on the number of places available can be found in the Starting School in Tower Hamlets brochure for primary schools and the Moving to a Secondary School in Tower Hamlets brochure for secondary schools.

Some schools receive more applications than there are places available. If one of your preferences is for a school that has more applications than places, the admissions criteria for the school will be applied and it is possible that your child may not be offered a place. It is, therefore, important that you consider the admissions criteria and the likelihood of your child being offered a place before you name a school on your application form.

Please note that Tower Hamlets is not able to exceed the school's admission number because, to do so, would result in overcrowding and would have an adverse effect on the school's ability to provide quality education. Additional children would place too much strain on the school's resources.

Equality impact assessment 2015

The authority has completed an equality impact assessment. Please download the full equality impact assessment report.

For more information on the specific arrangements for admission to Tower Hamlets community primary schools, visit the equal chance page.