Schools and coronavirus

Schools, childcare and other educational provisions are closed to everyone following the outbreak of coronavirus, except for:

Children of key (critical) workers

- Vulnerable children - this includes children with a social worker, an EHCP and those with safeguarding concerns


These schools will remain open for these children. They will be prioritised for early years and education provision. We are working with schools to provide support at this time, including for families who rely on free school meals for their children.

In-year admissions

Most school admissions take place when children start reception class or when they transfer from primary to secondary school at the age of 11.

In-year admissions take place outside the normal admission period. For example, children who have recently moved to the area and do not have a school place. 

Contact details:

Keisha Rose - 020 7364 3837

Yunus Mokbul - 020 7364 0730

Jabir Uddin - 020 7364 0732

Before you apply

Please read the Starting Primary school in Tower Hamlets and Ready for secondary school in Tower Hamlets booklets for useful information on the in-year admission process.

How to apply

Applications for in-year transfers and admissions must be made through Pupil Services, who coordinate this process. To make an in-year application, please complete the relevant in-year common application form for primary and secondary schools.

You can also obtain a form from all primary and secondary schools or by calling Pupil Services.

If you are applying to an academy, free school or voluntary-aided school, you may also need to complete a supplementary information form (SIF), which can be obtained from the school and must be returned to them. See a list of schools requiring SIFs. Some schools may also require a baptism certificate or priest's reference. Further information on the school's admissions policy should be obtained directly from the school. 

Please note that transfers are processed in accordance with our timetable. This can be found in the accompanying guidance notes or the in-year admissions leaflet.

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