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In-year admissions

Coronavirus (Covid-19) update

We continue to accept and process In-Year applications, ensuring all applications are checked to receive an outcome. We are working to process these as quickly as possible but there may be a delay with processing your application due to the volume received.

Please be assured that we will reply to all applications. You do not need to contact us again after submitting one. If your child does not have a school place we cannot update you for at least 20 school days after receipt. This is due to the volume of applications currently being received.

Please do not email or call us about the status of your application until this time has passed. This should be enough time for us to give you an outcome.

Where possible email applications to

Most of the advice given by the School Admissions Team is stated in the details on this page.

If you still have questions that are not covered please email us.

Most school admissions take place when children start reception class or when they transfer from primary to secondary school at the age of 11.

In-year admissions take place outside the normal admission period. For example, children who have recently moved to the area and do not have a school place.

Before you apply

Overseas nationals entering the UK who wish to apply for a state-funded school place must check to ensure they have either a right of abode or the conditions of their immigration status allow them to access a state-funded school.

For further information please visit GOV school applications from overseas children page.  

Previous school information

If you have recently moved into the borough, part B will need to be completed by a senior member of school staff at your child’s current or most recent school attended. This is required if it is a UK state school (not including nursery applications).

Please ensure you do this before you submit your In-Year Common application form.

Please read the Starting Primary school in Tower Hamlets and Ready for secondary school in Tower Hamlets booklets for useful information on the in-year admission process and read the In-year Admissions guidance leaflet.

How to apply

Applications for in-year transfers and admissions must be made through Pupil Services, who coordinate this process. To make an in-year application, please complete the relevant in-year common application form for nursery, primary and secondary schools.

If you are applying to an academy, free school or voluntary-aided school, you may also need to complete a supplementary information form (SIF), which can be obtained from the school and must be returned to them. See a list of schools requiring SIFs.

Some schools may also require a baptism certificate or priest's reference. Further information on the school's admissions policy should be obtained directly from the school. 

Please note that transfers are processed in line with our timetable.

If your child is out of school please see information provided in the timescale section.

You can also obtain a form from all primary and secondary schools or by calling Pupil Services.


If your child is not on roll at a school in Tower Hamlets, in most cases we can update you on the outcome of your application within 10 to 15 school days after receipt.

This may take up to 20 school days due to a range of Covid-19 related issues.

If your child has previously attended another school outside the borough but you did not submit a completed part B, this time frame may increase while we attempt to obtain the missing information.

Please do not email or call us about the status of your application until this time has passed. This should be enough time for us to give you an outcome.

If you are applying for a transfer between schools within the borough you will receive an outcome in accordance with the timetable found in the In-year Admissions guidance leaflet.

Most answers to questions relating to In Year applications can be found in our frequently asked questions sheet.

Contact the school admissions team

Most of the advice given by the School Admissions Team is stated in the details contained in our information sheets.

By email

We will normally respond to emails within 10 working days. It may take longer during this busy period and we will respond to you as soon as possible.

Please do not email us about the status of your application until the relevant time has passed. You can contact the School Admissions Team by email at

By phone

Due to the current circumstances we are experiencing a high volume of calls and it may not be possible for you to speak to an officer at this time.

Please seek answers to your questions by reading the information on this page. If you still have a question please email us.

Most of the School Admissions Team will be working out of the office until further notice. Staff members who remain in the office will not be able to see you face to face.

Where possible, we ask that you email in your completed application forms. If this is not possible, you can hand in your application to the reception at Mulberry Place.

If you have an urgent matter please contact the team.

In-Year Primary and Secondary queries

  • Halima Khatun – 020 7364 1601
  • Sadie Kidman – 020 7364 0730
  • Mehboob Ahmed - 020 7364 4540

 In-Year Nursery queries

  • Syeda Anisha Akhtar - 020 7364 4606
  • Nahima Begum –020 7364 4606

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