Lithium battery fires

Lithium batteries have caused fires in the rubbish lorries. Please do not put batteries in your waste or recycling bin. All batteries (including lithium batteries from e-bikes and e-scooters and other re-chargeable devices) can be taken to the Reuse and Recycling Centre at Northumberland Wharf.

Let's rethink it!


Want to reduce waste and protect the environment? You’re in the right place

Recycling benefits the planet, the people in our communities and the place we call home. That’s why we’re on a mission to reduce waste, reuse and repurpose items we no longer need, and recycle right.


Let’s give recycling some thought!

Be mindful what you throw. Just paper, cardboard, glass, cans, plastic containers go in your recycling bin. Remember, only clean items, so give bottles and containers a good rinse.

This includes:

  • Newspapers, boxes, non-glittery birthday cards
  • Jam jars, sauce bottles, beer bottles, wine bottles
  • Drink cans, aerosols, foil trays, tins
  • Yoghurt pots, shampoo bottles and caps, fruit punnets

For all the ins and outs, see our full list of recyclable items.


Let’s keep waste out of it!

Plastic film, food, clothes and textiles don’t go in your recycling bin.

Find out what cannot be recycled.