Garden waste

If you have a garden we can provide you with a green reusable bag and collect garden waste from your home every week.

Your garden waste is taken to a local composting site. Millions of tiny microbes break down the garden waste, heating it up in the process and turning it into compost.  After around three months the composting process is complete.

You can put the following into your green bag:


Unfortunately we cannot take the following:

  • Stones, soil bricks or rubble
  • Japanese knotweed 
  • Household or kitchen waste
  • Plastics and metals
  • Dog or cat waste 
  • Any other rubbish

Your collection service

  • To find out your collection day please see collection day on the schedule. Please check the last column to make sure Garden Waste is listed.
  • To order a second or replacement bag,  join the collection scheme, report a missed collection or find out more information, please contact us.

Please make sure that your garden waste bag is out by 7am and is clearly visible to the collection crews from the road.

Other ways of disposing of your garden waste

You can also get a low cost compost bin from the council, drop off your garden waste at Northumberland Wharf reuse and recycling centre.