Beware of scammers

We are aware of an online scam going around on social media.

It claims to be able to make your housing application a priority and give you the right to buy after 3 years.

We only ever allocate homes according to our policy. Every application goes through a series of checks to make sure it is valid and correctly prioritised.

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Your home must have a working smoke alarm on every floor of your home. If you have solid fuel heating, your landlord must also fit a carbon monoxide detector.

If there is a fire, call the Fire Brigade on 999.

At the start of your tenancy

All private landlords must make sure that working smoke alarms are fitted on each floor of their rented properties. If you have a coal or wood fire in your rented home, your landlord must also fit a carbon monoxide detector.

Your landlord must also make sure that the alarms provided are in working order at the start of any new tenancy.

Landlords who do not do this are putting your life at risk. They also risk a fine of £5,000.

Your landlord has extra legal responsibilities if the house or flat you share with other tenants is a house in multiple occupation (HMO)

Once you have moved in

You are responsible for checking the alarm works after you move in. If an alarm stops working, check if it needs new batteries or contact the landlord to arrange a replacement alarm.

If your landlord has not fitted alarms, you could ask your landlord to install them. You should ask in writing and keep a copy – it’s best to use either an email or a letter. Ask politely. Most landlords will want to help.  

Take action

If your landlord will not fit the proper alarms, tell the council’s environmental health & housing team: 020 7364 5000 or by email at

The council will issue a notice telling your landlord to fit and test the alarms within 28 days. If the landlord doesn't do this, we will fine the landlord up to £5000 and arrange to fit the alarms.

We promise that we will keep you informed of the progress of any action we take.

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