Beware of scammers

We are aware of an online scam going around on social media.

It claims to be able to make your housing application a priority and give you the right to buy after 3 years.

We only ever allocate homes according to our policy. Every application goes through a series of checks to make sure it is valid and correctly prioritised.

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Fair tenancy

Your tenancy must be clear and fair. You shouldn’t be hit with surprise fees.

Your tenancy agreement should be written in a way that you can understand. The landlord won’t be able to enforce anything that is not made clear.

Your tenancy agreement shouldn't contain anything that is unfair.  For example, your tenancy should not take away legal rights, and should not say that you will pay extra fees for ordinary parts of a landlord’s job like repairs, or that your landlord can come into your home whenever they want. The landlord won’t be able to enforce anything that is unfair.

Get advice if you think anything in your agreement is unfair.

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Find out if your landlord or agent has been convicted of housing offences.