Conditions of hire Stepney Astro Turf

Hiring fees

View our list of hiring fees on the bookings page. 

The council reserves the right to amend prices at any time without notice.

All bookings that have a mix of junior (under 16) and senior (adult 16 and over) participants will be charged at the senior rate.

What you can expect from us

  • Goal posts and nets will be provided
  • Maintenance of the facilities including pitches and lighting.
  • Changing rooms to cater for multiple teams and to accommodate officials.
  • Accessible toilets
  • Daily cleansing of the changing rooms
  • Onsite staff available for assistance and support


Ways to pay

Bookings to be confirmed by payment online and can only be made two days in advance.

Proof of payment

Hirers must provide a copy of the receipt issued, which must be produced to the onsite security.


The hirer cannot sublet or give any permission to use the facilities.

Cancellations and refunds

Cancellations by the Hirer

Neither the council or the council’s representative accepts responsibility if the notice of cancellation is not received by the due date.

There will be no refunds if a casual hire booking is cancelled. However exceptions apply if the booking is affected by poor weather or exceptional circumstances affect the use of the pitch.

When a booking is cancelled in advance, a credit will be issued to the team. These credits are valid for the named team only. The council will not be liable for any expenditure or loss directly or indirectly by the Hirer or any person from any cancelled booking.

Cancellations by the council

For both casual and regular hire, the council is not responsible for any damage or loss (financial or other) experienced by the Hirer where the hire is cancelled. Exceptions include cancellations due to adverse weather, strike action or events beyond the council’s control.


Refunds or credits for cancellations by the council will only be given where the quality of the playing surfaces or facilities are found to be unsuitable for play. This can be for reasons of player safety or unacceptable damage being caused as a result of play.

The following examples act as a guide but are not limited to:

  • forecasted freezing conditions/excessive wet conditions
  • faulty floodlighting
  • where a “double booking” has taken place

Refunds or credits will not be given for non-weather conditions on the day of play that prevent play from starting or continuing. This includes:

  • vandalism or damage caused by inappropriate play
  • public disorder
  • unlawful behaviour by opposition teams
  • breach of the parks and open spaces bylaws by either teams or supporters.

The council representative has the right to terminate any session where they have reason to suspect that any of the conditions within this booking policy have been broken. 

Code of conduct

The hirer will be responsible for the conduct and behaviour of both teams whilst at the ground. The hirer will also be responsible to pay for any damage to the changing rooms or facilities whilst occupied by that team or its opponents.

Any misconduct on the pitch or within the ground or at the changing facilities may result in the teams/clubs being refused future bookings and/or being cancelled.

The hirer should always follow the facilities guidelines where necessary.

Conduct towards staff

The council will not tolerate or accept any form of misconduct or inappropriate behaviour towards council employees, and contracted employee (such as security, cleaning and maintenance operatives). Unacceptable behaviour or misconduct may result in termination of the hire and future use.

Changing room guideline

Anyone breaking the following rules may result in cancellation of the hire and any future bookings

  • No smoking (including e-cigarettes) is allowed within the grounds of the facilities
  • No food, gum, beverages and glass items are allowed on the pitch
  • No standing on benches / seating area
  • All rubbish to be placed in the bins provided including food and beverages
  • Report all lost and stolen articles to onsite personnel
  • Report any damages to a member of staff
  • The council will not be held responsible for any lost or damaged personal belongings stored in the changing rooms
  • The hirer will be responsible for the conduct and behaviour of both teams whilst at the ground. The hirer will also be responsible to pay for any damage to the changing rooms or facilities whilst occupied by that team or its opponents
  • Cases of misconduct within the facilities may result in the team/s being refused future bookings and/or being cancelled. 

Use of storage containers

This only applies to contracted teams with allocated storage where terms and conditions are covered by a licence agreement.

Equal opportunities

Tower Hamlets is committed, through its equal opportunities and diversity policy to ensuring those who take part in sporting activities are able to do so without fear of harassment or discrimination of any kind.

Any conduct that goes against the council’s equal opportunities and diversity policy will result in the termination of the hire agreement.

It is a requirement of the council that all users of Tower Hamlets sports facilities comply with the council’s Equal Opportunities and Diversity Policy

First Aid

It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure that enough people and equipment is available if first aid is required.

The hirer is to tell staff onsite immediately of any accident, incident or personal injury to members of the hiring group (or any spectators) during the course of the booking.

If the site is not staffed, then the hirer must inform the Stepney Green Astroturf Bookings Team to complete an incident report form within 24 hours. The security staff on-site during their allocated times are first aid trained. 

Other responsibilities

The hirer shall be responsible for:

  • The administration, and onsite usage
  • The supervision of all participants, officials, and spectators
  • Ensuring that the hire venue (including changing facilities, showers and toilets are left in a tidy condition).
  • Ensure that players follow strict conditions concerning wearing of correct footwear
    NB: Please note wearing incorrect footwear damages the playing surface and any player not following this condition it may result in the termination of the hire agreement.
  • Ensure compliance to further conditions that prevent players smoking, eating and chewing gum whilst present on the playing surface
  • Ensure all belongings are cleared from the pitch prior to start of the next booking.
  • Follow set playing times. No extra time will be played under any circumstances unless agreed by the Stepney Green Astroturf Bookings Team or the onsite personnel.
  • Ensuring players leave the pitch before the end of the hire period to allow the next playing team to start at their scheduled time.
  • The council will not take responsibilities for any theft or damage to personal belongings
  • The council will conduct unannounced monitoring visits to the site to ensure compliance with the monitoring and evaluation responsibility
  • Ensuring no vehicle or moped to access the site or the Stepney Green Park or blocking of the vehicle gates.

The council accepts no liability for property brought onto the venue in connection with the hire, in respect of fire, theft loss or any other damage. The hirer is advised to make separate insurance arrangements in respect of such matters.

The hirer will repay the council and their officers in respect of all claims, damages, penalties, costs, expenses and demands made against or incurred by the council from or in any way connected with hiring.

Footwear guidance

Image showing the type of footwear that is acceptable on the pitch and footwear that is unsuitable.


The council and its representatives have the right to terminate without notice any hire that does not conform to these conditions. This include operating to the standards that, in the opinion of the council or its representative officers, are safe and proper. The decision of the council or its representative in this respect is final.

The council reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions as and when required. Any breach of these conditions may result in the cancellation of future bookings