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Swimming in Tower Hamlets

There are five swimming pools in Tower Hamlets — two are open, two are underdoing refurbishment, and the remaining pool will soon be subject to consultation in Autumn 2021.  

We are committed to maintaining five pools in the borough. 

If you are a member of any leisure centre, where a pool is currently closed, you can use any other GLL ‘Better’ branded swimming pool in the borough.

Visit better.org.uk for more information. 


  • Poplar Baths, 170 E India Dock Road E14 0ED 

  • Mile End, 190 Burdett Road E3 4HL 

Refurbishing (reopen by January 2022) 

We are investing in our swimming provision in Tower Hamlets to ensure that they operate safely and have a long-term future. We are working to reopen sooner, if possible.

  • Tiller Leisure Centre, Tiller Road, E14 8PX 

  • York Hall, 5 Old Ford Road E2 9PJ 

Closed — Subject to consultation (coming soon) 

  • St George’s Leisure Centre, 221 The Highway E1W 3BP 

The approximate £10 million cost associated with the safe reopening of St George’s Leisure Centre means we will soon be consulting on both short and long-term solutions for the south-west of the borough. 

If you would like to stay up-to-date with the status of leisure facilities in Tower Hamlets, including swimming pools and any updates about St George’s Leisure Centre, sign up to Sports and Physical Activities email bulletin below.

Take a look at our wider leisure offer in the borough, including our parks and open spaces and outdoor gyms

If you have questions, please email sports@towerhamets.gov.uk