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Resident parking permit terms and conditions

1        The permit

1.1        The permit is no longer valid if you change your name, application address or vehicle.

1.2        The permit is paperless so there is nothing to display in your vehicle.

1.3        The permit price is worked out on the current parking fees and charges.

1.4        The permit is issued free of charge to a blue badge holder or their nominated driver so long as they live at the same address. This also applies at a car free property.

1.5        The household is allowed a maximum of three permits.

1.6        A household is only allowed one permit under the Permit Transfer Scheme (PTS).

1.7        The right to a permit issued under the PTS is immediately lost if a permit is issued under the blue badge exemption.

1.8        The vehicle must not exceed 2.3m (7’ 6”) in height or 5.25m (17’ 3”) in length.

1.9        If a trailer or caravan is connected to the vehicle the permit is no longer valid.

1.10     Under no circumstances can the permit be transferred to another person and/or their vehicle.

1.11     The permit must be managed through your online account, such as renewing your permit or changing your vehicle.

2        The proof requirements must all be met

2.1        You must provide one valid proof of where you live and one valid proof of vehicle.

2.2        Your proofs must all show the same first name, last name, and application address.

2.3        You only need to supply an additional proof for a free permit, or when you apply at a car free property as a blue badge holder, under the Permit Transfer Scheme or as a decantee.

3        Proof of where you live

3.1        UK Driving Licence photograph side (provisional or paper licence accepted).

4        Proof of vehicle

4.1        Vehicle logbook (V5C) - so long as you are insured to drive the vehicle.

4.2        Car insurance documents if you are the Policy Holder.

4.3        Car lease/hire or finance agreement from a registered company.

4.4        Motability car insurance documents showing you as a permitted driver. We also accept this document showing a different address if the allocated person is not a permitted driver. 

4.5        Company vehicle - if you are employed by a registered company you are only allowed one permit under this criteria. You must provide the vehicle registration document or lease agreement, and a letter to confirm the following:

4.6.1       Your full name and home address.

4.6.2       You are an employee or the company director/owner.

4.6.3       Name and position of the person signing the letter.

5        Additional proof for a free permit

5.1        The application must be made in the name of the registered keeper of the vehicle, the car insurance policy holder, or the permitted driver for a Motability Car.

5.1.1       The blue badge holder must provide their blue badge photograph side; or

5.1.2       The nominated driver must provide the blue badge photograph side only, and a letter from the Department for Work and Pensions showing the blue badge holder’s name and address and dated within the last twelve months.

6        Additional proof under the Permit Transfer Scheme

6.1        The Registered Provider (Housing Association) must confirm in writing that you are: moving to a larger property, with three or more bedrooms, and more bedrooms than your previous property; or

6.2        Your old and new tenancy agreements both showing your name, address, and number of bedrooms.

7        Additional proof for a decantee

7.1        The Registered Provider (Housing Association) must confirm in writing that you were decanted.

8        Where to park

8.1        Your permit is valid in the zone that you live during the controlled parking times.

8.2        Your permit is also valid for three continuous hours in another zone when the vehicle is first parked up during the controlled parking times. For example, if you first park up at 8.30am then your permit is valid up to 11.30am.

9        Parking bays

9.1        Your permit is valid in the parking bays signed:

9.1.1       Resident Permit Holders Only

9.1.2       Permit Holders Only

9.1.3       Permit Holders or Pay by phone (excluding a Pay by Phone only bay)

9.2        Your permit is not valid in any other on-street parking bays.

9.3        Your permit is not valid off-street, such as an estate bay or private land.

9.4        Your permit is not valid in suspended bays.

9.5        Your permit does not guarantee a parking bay space.

9.6        Your permit does not allow entry into streets where the entry sign shows ‘No Motor Vehicles’, ‘Pedestrian and Cycle Zone’, or ‘Pedestrian Zone’ during restricted hours.

10      Change of vehicle or registration (private number plate)

10.1     You must make the change through your online account, and upload one proof of vehicle as stated in section 4.

10.2     The new permit price is only worked out  if you renew your permit.

10.3     Each time you make a change you will be charged an administration fee.

11      Change of name or address

11.1     You must cancel your permit through your online account, and then update your details if you need to apply for a new permit.

12      Vehicle off-the-road due to an accident or stolen

12.1     You can temporarily transfer your permit onto a courtesy or hire vehicle for 30 days if your permit is valid for at least 30 days.

12.2     You cannot cancel the temporary permit until the 30 days have expired.

12.3     If you cancel your original permit the temporary permit is automatically cancelled.

13      Vehicle stolen

13.1     You can change, temporarily transfer, or cancel your permit through your online account.

14      Refund

14.1     You can cancel your permit any time through your online account.

14.2     Any refund will be worked out from the next working day, and on the number of full months remaining, minus the refund administration fee.

14.3     If your vehicle was stolen any refund will be worked out from the date stolen, so long as you provide an insurance document showing the date stolen and vehicle registration. The refund administration fee will be waived.

14.4     Any refund will be paid back to the original payment card. If we are unable to refund the card we will send you a form to fill out for a refund only into your bank account.

14.5     You must allow up to 28 days to receive any refund.

15      Permit renewal

15.1     You can renew your permit through your online account up to 27 days before the expiry date.

15.2     It is your responsibility to renew your permit through your online account even if you do not receive a reminder notice.

16      Expired permit

16.1     If your permit expires (excluding a permit issued under the PTS):

16.1.1    You will have to apply for a new one.

16.1.2    You could lose your permit position and pay a surcharge.

16.1.3    Warning notices may be attached to your vehicle for up to seven days after the expiry date to let you know that your permit has expired.

16.2     If your permit was issued under the Permit Transfer Scheme (PTS) you lose your right to a new one in line with the PTS criteria (6).

17      Parking Service

17.1     We reserve the right to request at any time the appropriate proofs or original documents to check that you remain eligible for a permit.

17.2     We reserve the right to cancel the permit without prior warning or a refund if there is sufficient evidence to show you have breached the terms and conditions.

17.3     If you are found to have breached the permit terms and conditions any subsequent applications may be rejected.

17.4     We reserve the right to update the terms and conditions by giving you 28 days’ notice.

18      Data Protection and General Data Protection Regulation

18.1     To view how the council will use your data, please see visit the  data protection & freedom of information section.

18.2     To view our Privacy Notice, see our legal notices.

18.3     We may share information provided to us with other bodies responsible for auditing, or administering public funds, or where undertaking a public function, in order to prevent and detect fraud.