Important change from 1 September 2020 - Resident Parking Permit Terms and Conditions

A resident parking permit will only be valid all day in the mini zone that you live.

Your permit will also be valid in any other mini zone for a maximum of three continuous hours from the time you first park.

For example, if you live in A1; your permit will be valid for a maximum of three continuous hours in any other A, B, C or D mini zones from the time you first park.

Changes to parking restrictions due to coronavirus and new parking changes.

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Change your details

If you have a paper permit, you must tell us about this by filing out the contact form. You do not need to return your permit

If you have a virtual (paperless) permit beginning THX, you can request to cancel your permit in your parking account. Once logged in, select the permit you wish to cancel by clicking on "view" and then "cancel permit".

You should not apply for a new permit until we let you know that your permit has been cancelled. Otherwise you may be incorrectly charged the second or third permit price.

Make changes to a virtual permit