Changes to parking restrictions due to coronavirus and new parking charges

From Monday 1 June, parking restrictions will resume and motorists will need a permit to park during controlled parking times. Anyone found to be parked without a permit may receive a Penalty Charge Notice.

We have issued more than 5,000 temporary parking permits to key workers and we will continue to support frontline NHS and school staff, emergency services and council social workers to park for free using new paperless virtual permits.

Read full details of our parking changes.

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Resident parking permit

Our parking permits are ‘virtual’, paperless permits. This means that you will not receive a paper permit to put in your vehicle. Instead, parking officers will be able to check on the system if a car has a valid permit.

Once we receive your application, it will be assessed within three working days. If you start your permit straightaway you can park before your application is approved.

Documents you will need to apply

You must include one proof of current address and proof of vehicle as part of your application. You must also provide an additional document if you qualify for a free permit or you live in a car free property. If you do not include the right documents, we will reject your application.

Proof of address:

  • Your UK driving licence.
  • European Driving Licence plus Council Tax Bill or Tenancy Agreement
  • Council Tax letter if you have a motability vehicle, you are the allocated person and not a permitted driver

Proof of vehicle:

  • UK Registration Certificate (V5C)
  • Lease, Finance or Rental Agreement
  • Insurance Certificate and Policy Schedule (including Motability)
  • Company Vehicle (one application per applicant) - you must provide a company letter dated within 28 days of your application to confirm: you are an employee/director, you are authorised to drive the vehicle, you keep the vehicle overnight at your address, the vehicle registration number and the name and position of the person signing the letter.

Please note that we do not accept the New Keeper Supplement (green slip completed by the seller) as proof of vehicle.

Blue badge holders

Your resident permit is free if you are a blue badge holder or the main driver for a blue badge holder. Upload your blue badge or if you are the main driver, the blue badge and proof that the blue badge holder lives at the same address (DWP letter).

If you are not sure how to scan and upload your documents, read our tips on uploading documents.

Car free property

If you live in a car free property you must meet an exemption criteria. Find out about applying for a permit if you live in a car free property.

How to apply and pay

You can now apply and pay for all parking permits online through our parking permit system. You can check how we work out the cost of your permit here.

To apply for any permit, you must first set up an account. When registering, choose ‘Resident’ as your customer type to apply for a resident permit.

Register for an account



Once we receive your application, it will be assessed within three working days. If you start your permit straightaway you can park before your application is approved.

Once you have created an account, please read the terms and conditions and then complete the online application.

Apply for a resident parking permit



Help with your application

For more information, please check our help page first. If you cannot find the right information, please contact us.