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Resident on-street parking permit

Pre-application check

Please read the terms and conditions before completing the pre-application check.

The pre-application form will help you to find out if you have the right documents to apply for a permit.

If you have the correct documents you will be able to register and set up an online account to allow you to apply for a permit.

Pre-application check



For information about a free permit, car free property or foreign driving licence, please refer to the terms and conditions.

Check and manage your account

If you already have an online account you can log in below to view your permit details or apply for a new permit.

Manage your account

Find out how much you need to pay

Uploading your documents

The maximum combined upload limit for proof documents is 20MB. If you are not sure how to scan and upload your documents, read our tips on uploading documents.

What happens after you make an application

We will check your application within three working days. If you start your permit straightway you can park before we complete our checks.

Help with your application

For more information, please check our help pageIf you cannot find the right information, please contact us.

Let us hear your views

The council wants to hear your views about the service that we provide. We will use the information that we collect to ensure that the service we deliver is fair and where necessary to make service improvements. All information will be stored in accordance with Tower Hamlets Council’s GDPR privacy notice.