Parking price increases come into effect on 18 April 2019

The parking charges will be increasing for on-street parking permits, off-street car parks, scratchcards, pay and display, suspensions, dispensations and skips. Please note that the diesel surcharge will be introduced in September 2019. A full list of the changes to the parking charges can be found here.

If you have received a permit reminder letter and you renew your permit on or after this date, the new charge will apply.

Parking permits

Apply for your Resident Permit online and park immediately

  1. If we receive your proof of documents on a weekday, before 4pm, and they meet the online criteria, we will send you an email to enable you to apply online and to park immediately.
  2. You need to submit your proof of documents by email to
  3. In the email subject heading enter the vehicle registration number
  4. You will need to make alternative parking arrangements, whilst we are dealing with your application

What proof of documents are accepted?

You must submit two documents from the list below which must show your name and address that you wish to apply for a permit in Tower Hamlets:

  • UK Driving Licence and
  • One of the following vehicle documents:
    • UK Registration Certificate/Logbook (check the page we require) - we also accept this document as a one-off showing your previous address
    • New keeper Supplement - ( green slip when you buy a used car ) and dated within 28 calendar days of your application
    • Finance or Lease Agreement - showing the vehicle registration number, Company House Registration Number, signed and dated
    • Sales invoice - (only for a brand new vehicle from a dealership) 

If you do not have any of the above documents, please refer to the terms and conditions. 

Renew your permit online

You can only renew your resident parking permit online. You will need the renewal letter containing your permit number and the web code.

Renew your parking permit



f you experience any problems with renewing your resident on-street parking permit please email

Other application forms and terms and conditions

Please ensure you have the latest version as we are unable to process an application which is out-of-date. This should ensure that you have accurate and up-to-date information.

Application forms can also be obtained from your local One Stop Shop.

Permit fraud

Tower Hamlets has a specialist anti-fraud team investigating permit fraud, including counterfeit permits, stolen permits, misuse of disabled badges and forged permits. All reports are treated in strictest confidence at