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Hubs will not be leased to organisations just to deliver their core services or provide exclusive use. The assessment criteria set out in the information pack for the proposals submitted by prospective leaseholders focus on meeting local need, diverse user base, supporting smaller community groups and local community involvement. These will be built into the performance agreement. 


An outcomes framework and performance agreement based on the proposals submitted will be linked to each lease. We anticipate this will be the basis of ongoing discussion and annual review to ensure the hubs are developing in line with the agreed proposals or, if there is any variation, this is done by mutual agreement. If there are significant concerns or that cannot be resolved the council reserves the right to terminate the lease.


Safety is our priority. Equipment within gym areas has been reduced to ensure that two metres social distancing between users is maintained. 

Staff have adopted a new, enhanced cleaning regime, while customers will be asked to wipe down the equipment that they have used.

Hand sanitiser is available throughout leisure centre buildings.

Health suites are closed until further notice due to the increased risk of COVID-19 associated with these areas.

Swimming pools are restricted to lane swimming only and visitors must attend the leisure centre wearing their swimming suits/trunks and ready to swim.


Community stakeholders are drawn from the local area, for example with groups that run existing facilities or represent communities in other ways.

Community stakeholder identification is ongoing. It has been a difficult area to progress during the pandemic as priorities have been focussed elsewhere and potential stakeholders have had little time to engage effectively.


Election of a Borough Councillor for the Lansbury Ward of London Borough of Tower Hamlets on Thursday 7 February 2019.

View the Notice of election agents' names and offices.


It is important that all stakeholders have an opportunity to fully consider the proposals, ask questions, share their views and raise any concerns they may have.

The intention is to consult with headteachers early in the Summer term. After this, there will be individual consultations for each school (or group of schools) where changes are being proposed. Separate events will be held at the school for staff and parents.

Once this first round of consultation is completed, the resulting proposals will be presented to Cabinet in Autumn 2019 with a recommendation to formally consult. If agreed, the statutory public consultation would commence soon after and would include further events, meetings with the wider community, and a survey.

The results from these consultations would be reported back to Cabinet with final recommendations. Cabinet will make the final decision on the proposals.


No, your permit is valid until it expires and you will have to apply for a new one.

You can apply for a new permit up to one month before your old one expires and you can change the start date so that you do not lose any time.


Your paper permit has already been added to the new system as a virtual permit, so you do not need to display it.


We check the CO2 emissions or engine size of your vehicle to work out your price band. You can find this information on your V5C document to check against the price of your permit.

Second and third resident permits for a household are also charge extra, and there is an extra charge for diesel vehicles.

If you have checked the cost of your permit and still believe it is wrong, please contact us and we will investigate. We will aim to process your request within 3 working days. In the meantime, you will have to make alternative parking arrangements, such as visitor vouchers or resident daily permit.

Each permit type is linked to a customer type (resident, business and public service), which has to be pre-selected during registration. If you need both a resident and business parking permit, you will need two separate parking accounts, using two different email addresses. One will be for your resident permits and the other for business permits.
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