Barnardo's free helpline to support Ukrainian families

Barnardo’s have a helpline to provide support and care to anyone fleeing the conflict in Ukraine.

You can call the helpline on 0800 148 8586. English, Ukrainian and Russian speakers are available.

The helpline is open Monday to Friday, 10am–8pm and Saturday, 10am–3pm.

You can also use the dedicated email address or visit the Barnardo’s website.

Practical tips for everyday life

Moving to a new country, city or area can be daunting and there will be a lot of things which you will need to think about. However, thre is a range of valuable information that can help you get settled in.

Mobile phones

There are many mobile phone network service providers and calling plans to choose from in the UK. You should read contracts closely and take the time to investigate your options. Check the rates for both UK and international calls when buying a plan as these can vary substantially.

Types of contracts include:

  • Pay as you go - means that you add credit to the phone and use it until it runs out.
  • Rolling contracts -SIM-only plan with no fixed end date; you must let your network provider know 1 month in advance that you want to cancel your contract.
  • Pay monthly - You will have a minimum monthly payment and will be required to keep the contract for a set period of time (normally one or two years). 

Keeping up with international news

The council's Idea Store has PressReader. National and international newspapers, with over 2,000 titles from 100 countries in 60 languages to download.


Idea Store learning offers The British Way of Life – a program to help asylum seekers, refugees and migrants to get used to living in the UK as quickly as possible.

There are six information packed chapters and here are just a few of the subjects included in the program:

  • Customs,
  • Currency,
  • Public Transport,
  • Staying Safe,
  • Local Medical Services,
  • Finding Work
  • and the Right to Vote.

Learning English

There are a range of English for speakers of other languages (ESOL) classes for all levels.

Interpreters and translation

Anyone who has communication barriers can access interpreting and translation services, when dealing with one of the council services.

Life changes (birth, marriage and death)

Many major life events are handled by the council, including: