Who is responsible for paying?

If multiple people are involved with one property, it is important to understand who is liable for paying the council tax. 

Who pays?

The person who must pay is whoever lives in the property.

If more than one person lives there, the person highest in the following list is liable. If more than one person fits the same description listed above both people will be jointly responsible for paying the council tax bill, e.g. in the case of joint ownership.

  1. the owner or freeholder
  2. the lease holder
  3. the tenant
  4. a licensee
  5. someone who lives in the property

Under some circumstances, the owner of the property is liable, even if they don't live in the property.

  • if the property is no one’s main home
  • if more than one household occupies the property i.e. the property is occupied by people who are not related to one another
  • if it is a residential care or nursing home
  • if it is occupied by a religious community or minister of religion
  • if only domestic service staff live in the property
  • if it is solely occupied by asylum seekers.