Your Council Tax bill explained

This is an example of the Council Tax bill we'll send you each year, or if there are changes to your Council Tax account.


Understanding your bill

  1. This shows the year the bill is for. We work in “Tax years” so this will go across two calendar years.
  2. This is the name of the person(s) or company responsible for paying this bill and the address we sent the bill to.
  3. This is the date we printed this bill.
  4. This is your Council Tax account number. Try to have this number with you if you need to contact us about your Council Tax account or when making a payment.
  5. The reason we sent you this bill. Bills are sent at the start of each tax year or if there is a change to your Council Tax account.
  6. This shows the property that this bill is for.
  7. This is the Council Tax band for your property.
  8. This shows how the money collected from your bill is split between services. 
  9. This shows if we've increased council tax by any additional amount each year, to be put towards our Adult Social Care service.
  10. This is the amount you owe before any discounts.
  11. This is the amount you owe before any Local Council Tax Reduction Scheme (LCTRS) or payments.
  12. This is the total amount of council tax you need to pay for the year.
  13. This shows the payment method you have set up. The easiest way to pay is by direct debit but there are other ways to pay.
  14. This shows the dates your payments should get to us. Make your payment in time to avoid getting reminders.