Home schooling

Some parents do not want their children to attend school and choose to educate them at home. It is perfectly legal to do this, but the local education authority must be satisfied that the child is being taught to a satisfactory standard.

Guidance about home education is available from the pupil services team on 020 7364 5000, or you can download the Home Education Policy in the borough for parents and carers.

The purpose of the Home Education Policy and guidance notes on home education in Tower Hamlets is to:

  • Set out clear information on the legal position for the local authority and parents/carers in relation to home education. 
  • Describe Tower Hamlets' procedures for children who are home educated. 
  • Describe Tower Hamlets' procedure for children with Special Educational Needs. 
  • Share parents' ideas about resources/visits for home education.

Further information

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For information regarding this policy, please email thess@towerhamlets.gov.uk