Changes to parking restrictions due to coronavirus and new parking charges

From Monday 1 June, parking restrictions will resume and motorists will need a permit to park during controlled parking times. Anyone found to be parked without a permit may receive a Penalty Charge Notice.

We have issued more than 5,000 temporary parking permits to key workers and we will continue to support frontline NHS and school staff, emergency services and council social workers to park for free using new paperless virtual permits.

Read full details of our parking changes.

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Market trader parking permit terms and conditions

General terms and conditions

1.1  You must upload the proof of eligibility documents.

1.2  The vehicle must not be used solely for commuting to a permanent place of work.

1.3  Your vehicle does not exceed 2.3m (7’ 6”) in height or 5.25m (17’ 3”) in length.

1.4  The permit price is worked out on the permit duration. Please see our fees and charges.

1.5  A surcharge is added to a diesel vehicle.

1.6  The permit is valid on-street during the controlled parking times in any zone.

1.7  The permit is valid in the parking bays signed: ‘Business Permit Holders Only’, ‘Business Permit Holders or Pay by Phone’, ‘Permit Holders Only’, ‘Permit Holders or Pay at Phone’ and ‘Sunday Market Trader Permits Only’

1.8  The permit is not valid in any other bays, such as a bay signed ‘Pay by phone’ or suspended bays.

1.9  The permit does not guarantee you a parking space.

1.10 If any of your details change, you must tell us immediately by filling out the Contact Form on the council’s website.

1.11  If you want to cancel your permit, we work out a refund from the next working day, and on the number of complete months remaining. The refund will be made within 28 days and there will be an administration fee. Please see our fees and charges.

1.12 We refund the debit/credit card used to pay for your permit.

1.13 We reserve the right, to request at any time, any eligibility document(s) to check that you are eligible for a permit..

1.14 If you breach any of the terms and conditions your permit may be cancelled, and no refund will be made.

1.15 The council reserves the right to change the terms and conditions by giving you 28 days’ notice.

Proof of Eligibility Documents

2.1  Market Services to confirm in writing that you are a licenced market trader and your vehicle registration number; and

2.2  Insurance certificate to show that you are covered for ‘business use’.

Data Protection and General Data Protection Regulation

3.1  To view how the council will use your data, please see visit the data protection & freedom of information section.

3.2  To view our Privacy Notice, see our legal notices.