Key Worker Permit and Government COVID 19 Pass

All entitlement to free parking concessions for key workers including the use of Government COVID 19 passes  will end across the London Borough of Tower Hamlets on Sunday 20 June 2021. Please be advised parking enforcement will commence from Monday 21 June 2021.


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Visitor voucher terms and conditions

General Terms and Conditions

1.1   You must live in the borough.

1.2   If you are applying for vouchers under the carer’s criteria, your carer must be living at a different address.

1.3   You must upload one document from each relevant section showing your full name and current address.

1.4   The vehicle must not exceed 2.3m (7’ 6”) in height or 5.25m (17’ 3”) in length.

1.5   The cost of a daily voucher can be found in the fees and charges page.

1.6   Vouchers are issued free of charge if you are aged 60 or over or you have daily carer.

1.7   A voucher is valid on-street during the controlled parking times.

1.8   A voucher is valid for the whole day at the point of activation.

1.9   A voucher is valid on a Saturday or Sunday up to midnight so you only need to activate one voucher on either day.

1.10 A voucher is valid in the zone that you live. A zone is indicated by a letter and a number, such as zone ‘A1’.

1.11 The voucher is valid in the parking bays signed: ‘Resident Permit Holders Only’, ‘Permit Holders Only’. ‘Permit Holders or Pay by phone’ or ‘Resident Permit Holders or Pay by phone’

1.12  A voucher is not valid on council estates or private land.

1.13  A voucher is not valid in any other bays, including suspended bays.

1.14 To activate and validate a voucher, you must enter the correct vehicle registration number. As an example, make sure you enter the letter "O" instead of 0 (zero) or vice versa.

1.15  A voucher does not guarantee the user a parking space.

1.16  A voucher is non-refundable.

1.17  Any misuse of a voucher may result in your account being suspended or closed indefinitely.

1.18  We reserve the right, to request at any time, any eligibility document(s) to check that you are eligible for vouchers.

1.19  The council reserves the right to change the terms and conditions by giving you 28 days’ notice.

Additional Terms and Conditions for zone A5

2.1 There is currently an experimental traffic order in zone A5. 

2.2 The controlled parking times on Thursday, Friday and Monday have been extended. 

Proof of Residency Document

3.1 UK Driving Licence (including a provisional or paper licence)

3.2 Council Tax Letter for current tax year

3.3 Department for Work and Pensions letter for the current tax year

3.4 Gas, Electric or Telephone Landline bill dated within 12 weeks of your application.

Proof of Age Document

4.1   UK Driving Licence (including a provisional or paper licence)

4.2   Passport

4.3   Department for Work and Pensions letter for the current tax year

4.4   60+ London Oyster card

Proof of Carer Document

5.1  Insurance Certificate and Schedule/Policy to show that the carer drives and lives at a different address; and

5.2  Attendance Allowance Letter for the current tax year; or

5.3 Disability Living Care Allowance Letter for the current tax year; or

5.4  Personal Independence Payment Daily Living Component Letter for the current tax year

Maximum number of vouchers 

6.1  You can order up to 240 vouchers in a rolling year. This also applies if you are a blue badge holder living in a car free property.

6.2  If you live in a car free property and you are not a blue badge holder you can order up to 30 vouchers in a rolling year.

6.3  If you have a daily carer, you can order up to 480 vouchers in a rolling year.

Data Protection and General Data Protection Regulation 

7.1  To view how the council will use your data, please see visit the data protection & freedom of information section.

7.2  To view our Privacy Notice, see our legal notices.

7.3 We may share information provided to us with other bodies responsible for; auditing, or administering public funds, or where undertaking a public function, in order to prevent and detect fraud