Community Engagement Strategy 2018-21

The Community Engagement Strategy 2018-21 aims to support strong, active and inclusive communities who can influence and shape the borough in which they live and work. The strategy aims to create a more transparent and accountable council and promote a vision where: 

“Local people are effectively informed, engaged, involved and empowered by the council. They actively help define and design local priorities and policies, deliver and evaluate services and inform council decision-making in areas that impact on their lives.”

To help us develop the vision and the strategy we worked with our partners and the wider community. To turn the vision into a reality, we have agreed four priority outcomes: 

  • communities lead the way in making Tower Hamlets a great place to live
  • communities have the power to influence issues that affect them
  • activities to involve communities are focused and purposeful
  • Tower Hamlets is digitally active.

The outcomes are underpinned by an enabling objective: our staff are supported to involve communities effectively in everything that we do.

A summary of the strategy is available to view. You can download the full strategy document which is supported by the delivery plan.

The Co-Production Framework is also available to read.