Parking price increases come into effect on 18 April 2019

The parking charges will be increasing for on-street parking permits, off-street car parks, scratchcards, pay and display, suspensions, dispensations and skips. Please note that the diesel surcharge will be introduced in September 2019. A full list of the changes to the parking charges can be found here.

If you have received a permit reminder letter and you renew your permit on or after this date, the new charge will apply.

Temporary resident on-street parking permit

Temporary Resident on-street parking permit

Can I apply for a permit?

You can apply for a permit if your address in the borough is your sole or main residence where you live for a minimum of 4 nights a week.

If you live in a car free property you can only apply for a tradesperson to carry out any repairs or maintenance work and you must provide a written estimate or quote dated within 28 of your application.

How do I apply for a permit?

You need to fill out the temporary resident application form and terms and condition and provide proof of residency, such as your council tax bill.

How much does the permit cost?

A permit costs £6.40 a day.

Where can I park?

Your permit is only valid in parking bays signed:

  • Resident Permit Holders Only
  • Permit Holders Only or
  • Permit Holders or Pay at Machine

You can park all day in the zone that you live and up to three hours in another zone.

Where can I apply?

In person at a One Stop Shop or by Post.

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