LBTH CIL submission and examination

In accordance with Regulation 19 of the Community Infrastructure Levy Regulations 2010 (as amended), the London Borough of Tower Hamlets submitted its Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) Revised Draft Charging Schedule to the Planning Inspectorate for independent examination on 11 February 2014. Hearing sessions were held between 28 May 2014 and 30 May 2014. The Examiner requested that some additional information be made available and consulted upon and following this a further hearing session was held on 6 October 2014.

The Examiner, Malcolm Rivett BA (Hons) MSc MRTPI, has now published his final examination report.

LBTH CIL adoption

In order to implement a CIL Charging Schedule it must first be approved by majority at Full Council. It is expected that the Charging Schedule will be presented to Full Council in early 2015 and should it be approved, will be implemented from 1 April 2015.

Further information relating to the adoption process will be published on this page in due course. 

The London Legacy Development Corporation(LLDC) and CIL

Part of Tower Hamlets lies within the area of LLDC. In this area, CIL is to be levied by the LLDC and not by Tower Hamlets. For more information regarding the LLDC CIL, please refer to the LLDC website. 

Submission and examination documents

The table below provides a list of the submitted documents and other documents related to the examination.

ED1: Draft Charging Schedule Stage
ED1.1: Draft Charging Schedule
ED1.2: Viability Study - Draft Charging Schedule Version
ED1.3: Draft Planning Obligations SPD - Draft Charging Schedule Version
ED1.4: Statement of the Representations Procedure - Draft Charging Schedule Version
ED1.5: Infrastructure Planning and Funding Gap Report - Draft Charging Schedule Version
ED1.6: Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule - Summary of Consultation Responses
ED2: Revised Draft Charging Schedule Stage
ED2.1: Revised Draft Charging Schedule
ED2.2: Viability Study - Revised Draft Charging Schedule, appendices
ED2.3: Infrastructure Planning and Funding Gap Report - Revised Draft Charging Schedule
ED2.4: Draft Planning Obligations SPD - Revised Draft Charging Schedule
ED2.5: S106 Report - Revised Draft Charging Schedule
ED2.6: Statement of the Representations Procedure - Revised Draft Charging Schedule
ED2.7: Copies of the Representations made at the Draft Charging Schedule stage
ED2.8: Summary of Consultation Responses to the Draft Charging Schedule (October 2013)
ED2.9: Detailed Consultation Responses to the Draft Charging Schedule  (October 2013)
ED3: Public Examination Submission Stage Documents
ED3.1: Statement of Compliance
ED3.2: Regulation 19 - Consultation Statement
ED3.3: Statement of Minor Corrections
ED3.4: Copies of the Representations made at the Revised Draft Charging Schedule Stage
ED3.5: Statement of Modifications
         - Appendix 1, 2, and 3
ED4: Policy Documents
ED4.1: Tower Hamlets: LDF Core Strategy
ED4.2: Tower Hamlets: Managing Development Document
ED4.3: Use of planning obligations in the funding of Crossrail, and the Mayoral Community Infrastructure Levy - SPG
ED5: Examination Documents
ED5.1: How the Crossrail SPG has been accounted for in respect of Office development in the North Docklands
ED5.2: Breakdown of Commercial Rates
ED5.3: Responses to Statement of Modifications:-
CIL_SOM01 - English Heritage
CIL_SOM02 – London First
CIL_SOM03 – Queen Mary University of London
CIL_SOM04 – Transport for London
CIL_SOM05 – Greater London Authority
CIL_SOM06 - Natural England
ED5.4: Briefing Note from the Examiner
ED5.5: Main Issues & Questions for the Examination
ED5.6: Responses to Main Issues and Questions for the Examination: -
Hearing Session 1
CIL_MIQ01 – Stephen Ashworth
CIL_MIQ02 – Greater London Authority/Mayor of London
CIL_MIQ03 – Transport for London
CIL_MIQ04 – Bishopsgate Goods Yard Regeneration Ltd part 1part 2, part 3
CIL_MIQ05 – Berkeley Group
CIL_MIQ06 – Canary Wharf Group
CIL_MIQ07 – Londonnewcastle
Hearing Session 2
CIL_MIQ01 – Stephen Ashworth (Session 2)
CIL_MIQ08 – James Ball
CIL_MIQ09 - Greater London Authority/Mayor of London
CIL_MIQ10 – Transport for London
CIL_MIQ11 - Bishopsgate Goods Yard Regeneration Ltd
CIL_MIQ05 - Berkeley Group (Session 2)
CIL_MIQ12 – Canary Wharf Group
CIL_MIQ13 – Londonnewcastle
Hearing Session 3
CIL_MIQ01 – Stephen Ashworth (Session 3)
CIL_MIQ14 – Queen Mary University of London
CIL_MIQ15 – Travelodge Hotels Limited
LBTH Responses
ED5.7 – LBTH CIL -  Tower Hamlets’ Response to Main Issues and Questions
ED5.9: Land Registry Sales Value Data
ED5.10: Additional Appraisal Evidence – Office
ED5.11: Opinion on Crossrail SPG
ED5.12: London Plan Crossrail Alterations - Report of the Panel (February 2010)
ED5.13: TfL Report to Finance and Policy Committee - Update on Planning Obligations
ED5.14: Additional Appraisal Evidence – Hotel
ED5.15: Student Accommodation Market Evidence
ED5.16: May 6, 2014 - Letter to M Rivett
Hearings Programme
ED5.17: Hearings Programme
Post Hearings
ED5.18: The council’s Post Hearing Letter to the Examiner
ED5.19: The Examiner’s Post Hearing Letter to the council
ED5.20: Queen Mary University London - Proposed Solution to University-led Student
Further Evidence and Information Requested by the Examiner
ED5.21: LBTH CIL – Supplementary Evidence Requested by the Examiner (PDF Version)
ED5.21: LBTH CIL – Supplementary Evidence Requested by the Examiner (Word Version)
Appendix A: SHLAA and Site Allocations joined table
Appendix B: Development Plan and Site Allocations Map
Appendix C: Summary Table: Capacity and Status of Site Allocations
Appendix D: Counsel Advice Regarding Payments in Kind
Appendix E: Email from the CLG Regarding In-Kind Payments for Infrastructure
Appendix F(1): Regulation 123 List - Site Allocations Excluded
Appendix F(2): Regulation 123 List – Wood Wharf, Bishopsgate Goods Yard and Westferry Printworks Excluded
Appendix G: Trafford CIL Examiner’s Report
Appendix H: Further Appraisal Assumptions
Appendix I - Further Appraisals
Appendix I(1) - Core Appraisals - BGY
Appendix I(2) - Core Appraisals - Westferry
Appendix I(3) - Core Appraisals - Wood Wharf
Appendix I(4) - Supplementary Appraisals - BGY
Appendix I(5) - Supplementary Appraisals - Westferry
Appendix I(6) - Supplementary Appraisals - Wood Wharf
Appendix J: Further Appraisals: Floor Area Assumptions
Appendix K: LBTH MDD Sites Testing Final Report
Appendix L: Three Sites Appraisal and Application Context
Appendix M: Growth Rate Basis and Evidence
Appendix N: Wood Wharf Strategic Development Committee Report
Appendix O: Plymouth City Council's CIL Examiner's Report
Appendix P: The Impact of the Imposition of CIL
Appendix Q: BNP Paribas Note – Typical Effects of CIL on Affordable Housing
Appendix R: Approaches to Accounting for the Crossrail SPG in Setting the CIL Rates in other London Boroughs
Appendix S: BNP Paribas Note – Current Use Values
Appendix T(1): BNP Paribas Note Hotel Yields
Appendix T(2): Transactions
Appendix U: Further Hotel Appraisals
Appendix V: BNP Paribas Note – Student Housing Build Costs
Appendix W: Further Student Viability Appraisal
Appendix X: QMUL - Proposal Regarding Separate Student Rates
Representations Received from the Further Consultation
CIL FC 01 - Natural England
CIL FC 02 - GLA TfL and Appendix A
CIL FC 03 - London First
CIL FC 04 - Berkeley Group
CIL FC 05 -Travelodge
CIL FC 06 - London Newcastle
CIL FC 07 – Canary Wharf Group and Bishopsgate Goodsyard Regeneration Limited
CIL FC 08 – Queen Mary University of London
The following responses were received after the deadline for the close of consultation: -
CIL FC 09 – UNITE (Received 16/09/14)
CIL FC 09 – UNITE Appendix A – Southwark Report (Received 16/09/14)
CIL FC 09 – UNITE Appendix B – Lambeth Report (Received 16/09/14)
CIL FC 02 - GLA TfL - Opinion Cover Note (Received 18/09/14)
CIL FC 02 - GLA TfL Opinion (Received 18/09/14)
LBTH Response to the Representations Received in relation to the Further Consultation
LBTH Response - Letter OW M Rivett 26 09 2014
Appendix A(1) AMR Housing Delivery Extract 11-12
Appendix A(2) AMR Housing Delivery Extract 12-13
Appendix B - Comparison of S106 vs CIL
Appendix C - Flow Chart
Appendix D - BNP Paribas' Specific Viability Comments
Appendix D(1) - Industrial Deals
Appendix D(2) Office ND Appraisal - JLL Assumptions
Appendix E(1) - BNP Paribas' Response to Travelodge
Appendix E(2) - BNP Paribas' Hotel Appraisal
Correspondence between LBTH and the Department for Communities and Local Government (CLG)
ED6.1 Letter LBTH to CLG - Sent 4th September 2014
ED6.2 Letter LBTH to CLG - Sent 29th September 2014
ED6.3 Letter CLG to LBTH and according email exchange - Received 29th September 2014
Further Request from the Examiner
ED6.4 Appraisals Accounting for No Growth, No Affordable Housing and with and without CIL