African History Month 2023 (BHM23) Launch Event

160 Whitechapel Road, Grocers Wing, London E1 1BJ, Tower Hamlets Town Hall
Black History Month, Community events, Cultural events, Galleries and exhibitions, Workshops and activities
Tuesday 3rd October 2023 (12:00-16:00)

“Staying Together As One” is an exhibition of Somali artefacts from personal collections and from the Powell Cotton Museum in Kent. This is being launched by Women’s Inclusive Team (WIT), a Somali-led charity in Tower Hamlets, thanks to support from the Mayor of Tower Hamlets. This is part of a Migration Theme about the History of African Heritage Communities in Tower Hamlets.

The exhibition will be a tool for telling stories which have been airbrushed out of history. These need to be remembered so we can make a sustainable difference in tackling Afriphobia. These stories aim to empower marginalised Communities. WIT will be working with other African and African-Caribbean Communities. WIT will be sharing Culture, History, Achievements and Contributions. The exhibition and workshops are open to all.

For further information, please contact  Safia at WIT