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Derbyshire Street, London E2 6HG, Oxford House
Black History Month, Community events, Libraries and literature
Tuesday 24th October 2023 (18:00-22:00)
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In this event, the following authors will discuss their literature and the evolution of the Somali film making industry. They will discuss the current rebirth and cultural renewal of the Somali film industry. They will also look at future challenges. Both these writers will present their books and work during the event.

 Boodhari Warsame is an independent researcher, literary translator (Somali-English). He is also a teacher and writer-editor. He speaks many languages including Somali, English, Swedish, and Kiswahili. Some of his work includes Guban and Koombe’s Struggle

Abdirahman Mahammed (Fiili) is a poet, songwriter, and screenwriter. He has been involved in literature for the last 14 years. He composed some of the most famous Somali songs, such as Yarta Raadiya sang by SuldaanSeeraar. Hab I Sii sang by Ayana and Asad Faqdi. Dhulkeygaan Ku AhayNabad sang by Hassan Gantaal. He is currently involved in the writing and acting of the first Somali TV series.

Abdirahman is also an author, he is launching his new book called World Cinema, and will present his collection of poetry called Dhamal.

Said Saalax is a poet, educator, playwright, and a filmmaker. For the last few decades, Salah has contributed to Somali culture and literature. Saalax will be presenting his latest book: "Samayntii, Lumiddii, iyo Heliddii Filinkii 'Darwiishka Soomaaliyeed'. The book is about the history of Somali film making. It focuses on the history of making one epic film, losing it, and finding it after tracing it for about 30 years in the diaspora.

Language: Somali
Chairman: Boodhari Warsame

Part of Somali Week Festival