What We Have Become - Panel discussion with Rudy Loewe and Basil Olton

Tower Hamlets Local History Library and Archive 277 Bancroft Rd London E1 4DQ
Black History Month, Free to attend
Thursday 26th October 2023 (18:30-19:30)
Black people day of action2

Panel discussion with Rudy Loewe and Basil Olton exploring how rupture can assist in the creation of a cultural identity.

This talk, followed by Q&A will serve as a prelude for an exhibition planned for February next year. It will introduce the themes/ artists and be used as a place for discussion and debate.

Basil Olton is an artist, curator and researcher. He works across ceramics, fine art practice and arts management and public policy. He is the project lead for the British Art Network’s Decolonisation Ceramics Practice Seminar. This will be part of the British Ceramics Biennale and British Textiles Biennale.

His practice explores the relationship between materiality and the still image. It looks at the effect of colonialism on institutional memory. It breaks down commemoration and identity. It analyses the wider relationship with private and public space, power and display.

Basil creates an aesthetic to re-imagine the rupture of Caribbean art and culture. He does this through the exploration of personal and collective histories.