Swinging at the Savoy

Mulberry Hall St Margaret’s House 21 Old Ford Road E2 9PL
Black History Month, Drama, Dance and Performance
Friday 27th October 2023 (19:00-21:00)
Swinging at the Savoy

Join us for a historical jazz dance revue. This is choreographed by Jreena Green and featuring the Jazz Dance Elite company.

Step into the vibrant world of the Harlem Renaissance. This show celebrates the iconic Savoy Ballroom. It played a pivotal role in shaping African American dance and culture. The show combines dance with live vocal performances and pays homage to the early years of the Savoy Ballroom.

The performers recreate the spirit of the Tranky Doo, Big Apple, and Shim Sham. This captures the infectious energy that swept through this historic venue.The stage pulsates with dynamic movement, taking the audience back to the birth of these iconic dance routines.

Historical images and videos feature throughout the piece. These depict the lively dancefloor and showcasing how the Savoy became a focus for African American excellence. 

Expect some audience participation as we get people on their feet dancing! 

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