Ceramics Workshop Constructing Memory

Shadwell Ceramics Studio The Shadwell Centre 455 The Hwy E1W 3HP
Black History Month, Workshops and activities
Sunday 29th October 2023 (10:00-13:00)
V2Memory Reimagined 2017

This is investigation of personal and collective histories through clay. This workshop will help you to explore the many possibilities of ceramics. It will develop the creative, sculptural and decorative elements of this medium. The aim is to create objects inspired by individual, family and community histories.

It will focus on memory and the act of commemoration. You will be able to develop clay hand building and surface decoration techniques. You will explore the creative potential of clay. It will focus on building and assembling techniques. You can also learn how to use a variety of decorative techniques to apply texture and pattern.

£29 per person through Ideas Stores Learning

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Memory Reimagined - workshop image