Chisenhale Dance Space, Chisenhale Road E3 5QZ
Black History Month, Drama, Dance and Performance, Workshops and activities
Monday 2nd October 2023 (19:30-21:00)
bw lindyhop

Lindy Hop (or Swing Dance as it is sometimes known), is a partner dance originating in the late 1920s Jazz Era. In the most part developed in ballrooms across the USA - notably at The Savoy Ballroom in Harlem, New York. Its popularity peaked in the mid-1940s and was featured often as a speciality act in many Hollywood movies such as Hellzapoppin'. Lindy Hop continues to be enjoyed socially throughout the world.  Most famous dancers: George Snowdon, Norma Miller, Frankie Manning Willa-Mae Ricker.

Angela "Cookie" Andrew is a veteran on the London and international scene. Angela was born and raised in Hackney. She utilises her knowledge and experience in different dance styles to create a unique teaching approach. Her dream is to share her passion for the Lindy Hop and Jazz dance with the black community.

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