Oral Storytelling for Heritage Workshop

160 Whitechapel Road, Grocers Wing, London E1 1BJ, Tower Hamlets Town Hall
Black History Month, Free to attend, Workshops and activities
Saturday 14th October 2023 (10:30-13:30)
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IROKO Theatre Company present a free workshop which involves hands-on exploration of oral storytelling performance techniques. Oral storytelling is a brilliant way to tell a story using voice and gestures. It can include poems, chants, rhymes, songs and more. It is a unique platform allowing people to come together, reminisce, share cultural folk tales, create new stories or swap narratives. This is a great way to build connections between people as well as between the past and the present.

This workshop is specifically designed to enhance the performance skills of participants. It is ideal for using oral storytelling as a vehicle for preserving and/or raising awareness of heritage, especially amongst those who would normally not engage in it.

This is an IROKO/AIM Awards Quality Marked Training Programme. It is aimed at people aged 13 and above.

It takes place in the Grocers Wing. Entrance is from Whitechapel Road, to the east of the main Town Hall entrance.

Booking required.